The Day Georgia Stood Still
January 29, 2014 | 02:01 PM

Unreal. We came to Alpharetta in '94 I've never seen anything like it. Sure we've had snow days and ice storms, but logistically this was a cluster-****. It took me 3 hours to get from my office to my folks place. This is appx 1 mile from Westside by Village Tavern to Academy near the Fire Station. Traditionally I could have gone to Birmingham and then some in that time.

I dropped the car there and walked home from Academy to Windward near Tara Humata. It would have taken me an additional 4-5 hours driving - the walk was 1 hour. I played the 'Christmas' station on Pandora on the walk home. I walked home in boat shoes (which held up surprising well) and Dockers. Props to North Face gear for keeping me warm! Hopefully everyone got home safely. Thanks to our local officials for their efforts. I saw a lot of responders sweeping the steets later in the evening offering helping hands.