How Georgians Respond to Winter Weather
January 29, 2014 | 10:17 AM

During the winter of 1994 my husband and I attempted to drive through Atlanta on a cross-country trip. We became stranded here during a series of January/February icy cold storms, and 20 years later we are still here. In those 20 years I have learned two very important lessons:

Lesson #1 - ice/snow, and our response to it, is different here. when weather like this is predicted, schools/businesses should close and all non-essential personnel should stay off the roadways. that is simply the way it is, and for those who do not understand...

Lesson #2 - Delta flies both ways.

The next time similar weather is predicted, as for me and mine, we will stay home (after the obligatory quick trip to Publix for groceries, of course). If schools/employers haven't learned from snowjam, snowmageddon, and whatever the blazes they'll be calling this one, rest assured we have. Never again.

With all due respect to those unfortunate enough to not live in the South, and to our elected officials and decision makers who care more about what Northerners think than the safety of those they are sworn to protect, Bless Your Ever Lovin' Hearts Sweeties.

Maryann Malena