Accept responsibility for bad decision made
January 28, 2014 | 11:18 PM

Weather warnings and map was very clear that the storm would hit us earlier Tuesday morning already. I was notified at 1:46 that students would be released at 1:45. All schools dismissed at the same time which is never done due to limited amount of drivers. Bless those bus drivers that are still out on the road st this time and all teachers and staff members that are spending the night with students or are still stranded. My husband had an accident going to interpret for a meeting that would have been canceled if our Superintendent would have made the right decision. After about 6 hrs on the road he is stranded for the night on Roswell Road. My Middle School kids came home at 6:30 with parents of friends. Webb Bridge Middle School staff handled the situation very well, but seemed not to have any communication from transportation. Somebody needs to take responsibility for this epic failure!

Heidi Aybar