Tired of the street closures!
January 05, 2014 | 06:57 PM

I am tired of so many street closures around Alpharetta - especially the little business shop stretch of Milton Ave. between the Canton/Roswell streets and Main St. It's a huge hassle trying to get around that and take alternate routes to get across NS back to Academy St. (or back to Milton Ave./Mid Broadwell from Academy heading the other way).

It's understandable that Alpharetta wants to turn the city into a more public venue for events and shopping and bringing in visitors from all over like Marietta Square does. But not everyone wants to deal with rampant growth and the traffic that comes with it. Alpharetta is becoming harder and harder to want to stay living in. We try to avoid North Point Mall and Windward like the plague as it is now due to ridiculous traffic snarls on the weekends.