Think it through
December 25, 2013 | 10:30 PM

If the citizens donate the public streets to the neighborhood do they can put up a gate, then the HOA sets the rules for the street including speed limits, and as mentioned above, the possibility of the HOA issuing the speeding tickets and stop sign violations and collecting the fees for themselves. Good for revenue, possibly a challenge for neighbor relations.

Also, with the road 100% private, the HOA could do like some and ban kids playing in the street. It's their land and they are paying the taxes now, they can do as they wish. Probably many of the neighbors without kids would think disallowing kids playing would be a good idea:

If you live in a neighborhood and agree with the current HOA board and feel certain you will agree with future boards, asking the city to donate the public roads to you could be a good move- just be sure to think through all the possible unintended consequences including how things would go with another set of people running the HOA in the future