December 21, 2013 | 05:42 PM

Tks for your email Crystal.

I agree I think we (all of us ) may have a very widespread problem in our hands. Suicides, drugs ....the scope of this is probably worse that it appears.

But I don't think it is fair or realistic however to try to look for a specific cause in Reagan's death. This is not a time to point fingers or accuse others of culpability.

I don't know why what is happening is happening. You may be right. Some. I don't think that over indulged kids is the core reason though. But that is just my guess.

It is probably a combination of a lot of things :
Pressure on grades
Pressure on sports
Pressure on music/arts
Both parents working
But most of all I think it is probably the internet and social media which has eliminated all privacy for the kids and also magnified - to an unbearable degree for many - peer pressure - something that was already so hard, so often mean-spirited and ugly. Communication -Twitter, Txt, Instagram, Snapchat is insidious and has cut many of the tethers that kept us grounded.

I don't know what the solution is - the one that is realistic - as the internet and social media is not going away.

More personal face to face meaningful interaction - everyone- is a start. I don't think you can force a change. I don't think you can mandate one. I know you can't use your authority to try to force feed the change you want to see .

Repairing faith and family foundations -some way- would help.

I don't have answers though. Just guesses.