December 20, 2013 | 11:43 PM

In reply to Allie Greenwood,
Your comment sickens me. I know the details prior to the event and after and I pray that next time you comment on something like this you atleast get your facts straight. Reagan's parents are some of the greatest parents I've met and the whole family has such a good head on their shoulders. Your comment is acting as if he didn't have access to the gun, then it wouldn't have happened at all. You are basically stating that it is the parents faults for not locking up the gun properly which is not the facts at all since it was in a LOCKED safe that they did not even think in a million years that Reagan could've gained access to. You're quick-to-judge reaction to the situation is very appalling and I hope you think before you speak next time especially during a time like this. Thank you,
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