Reagan Beene
December 19, 2013 | 05:40 PM

Would you all just STOP already!!! These people are grieving a horrible loss. A 14 yr old BOY for God's sake!! Leave them in peace and shut up already. Stop judging and clean up your own house for your kids sake. The culture in Alpharetta bleeds judgement. There's more money than God in this area with the focus on giving kids more things and being permissive. I, for one, have witnessed many of the families in this area give their kids everything from cars to guns to credit cards with no limits. Parents who think it's cool to let the 16-18 yr olds drink in their homes and not make them stay there. Are you idiots!! Let these kids be kids already. Love your kids and give your them some boundaries. Say NO once in a while. Give them a curfew. 16 is not an adult. Spend more family time with your kid and if they don't want to hang with you, make them stay home once in a while anyway just because you are the PARENT and still can. Alpharetta mom's, get a life or a job or both and just learn to say NO and deal with the angry, resentment that comes with the adolescent rite of passage. Teens are wired to have the angst kick in at 12. Stop placating to avoid conflict. Maybe then, your kid will learn to deal with the emotions that come up because you have actually let them experience them before.
But leave these people alone. Social media ruined any chance of anyone having a private life in this world. For what it's worth, try at least letting the Beenes's have one.

Concerned in Apharetta