December 19, 2013 | 06:40 AM

We've lived in Crooked Creek since 1998. Creek Club Drive ran from Francis Rd to Hwy 9 for the entire time, so I'm a little amused to hear that it is not a connector street. Beginning in 1999 some homeowners have unsuccessfully been trying to get gates on one or both ends of Creek Club, first appealing to Fulton County, later to the City of Milton. Up to this recent appeal the invented reason for gates was to eliminate cut through traffic.

Now, we're told gates are needed for better homeowner value and to improve safety. At no point are any of these claims supported. I'm wondering how to connect these spurious claims of better value and a safer Milton to all of Milton's citizens.

Finally, letter writer "citizen, Milton" stated:
" ... Many people moved into crooked creek with the hopes that it would become a gated community" SO..... I hoped I had tuesday's winning Mega Million ticket. Hope didn't help

I agree with the first letter:

If some people in Crooked Creek wanted to live in a gated compound, why did they move into Crooked Creek?