City Issue
December 18, 2013 | 05:49 PM

Streets in Milton, even streets in a normal subdivision, are owned by the taxpayers, not whoever lives on the street. In order for the neighborhood to add a gate, the city must first essentially donate this public land to the private neighborhood.

Of course when a government gives public land to a private entity, there must be an abundance of caution, hence the studies and reports, etc.

So the city will need to make the decision. The City of Milton will be voting to basically donate the publicly-owned streets to the private homeowners. At that point, the streets would become private property, owned by the HOA, subject to property tax, etc., really no different than anyone's driveway at that point.

With the HOA owning the roads instead of the taxpayers, new possibilities appear -- for example the HOA can vote on their own speed limit, increase or decrease. Also the HOA might choose to adopt their own private system for detecting speed limit and stop sign violations and issue their own fines for these violations, a potential new revenue stream.