No more teenage suicides!
December 18, 2013 | 11:31 AM

As a Milton Mom, I have been so sad about this horrible news.

It seems there are two types of teenage suicides - impulsive, like Reagan's, and those resulting from depression that are more planned out.

Nonetheless, the result is the same. How can we get into teenager's minds and show them that there are other solutions to their problems?

Mr. Trautwein and his "Will to Live" message was just at Cambridge High School a month ago!

Reagan heard Mr. Trautwein's message "to have a plan if you feel like hurting yourself (call a trusted adult), for other teenagers to look out for their friends and Acknowledge/Care/Tell if their friends are cutting or talking about suicide. And if your brain is sick with depression get medical help like you would for a broken leg.

Beside being so sad, I am at a loss of what more can be done for our teenagers. They seemingly have so much but obviously something is missing.

Sad Milton Mom