For Every Teen
December 18, 2013 | 09:52 AM

Parents like me are grieving over the loss of Reagan Beene. A boy who's like our sons and whose mistakes are no different than our own. Some parents hide the truth of their hell raising days. I tell it like it is. It wasn't that long ago that I was in high school, graduating in the late nineties. I went to parties; threw parties; smoked pot; and got caught by the police. I had two minor possessions and was punished by the legal system. Guess what? It wasn't the end of the world. I was forced to attend substance abuse seminars and AA meetings. The part that punished me the most was that I disappointed myself and my parents. That might have weighed most heavily in the heart and mind of Reagan Beene. He is not the first person to drink underage. Most everyone does. Whatever consequence comes with that is never worth ending your life. I know. I bet if Reagan Beene had a do-over he'd rather have more years on earth than in heaven. But it's too late. I want every teen to know that the mistakes you're ashamed of now are probably some of the same ones your parents made. Don't let the guilt drive you to end your life. One final thing. While you're throwing back on the weekends, which you undoubtedly will again, never drink and drive.

Confessions of a Straight-Talking Mom