Writing on the wall..
December 13, 2013 | 01:26 AM

You think crime is bad now ? Just wait ... I'm not falling for the "luxury apartment" line one single bit ... These developers are in it for the money, they will rent to whoever has the money.. 1 bedroom flop houses.. The sheriffs department can't control the crime wave we have going on now, what makes anyone think this is going to help .. What good ole' boy on the city council helped get this one approved ? People of Forsyth county need to pick up a few news publications and read the crime sections. Anything not nailed down is getting stolen. Lots of the crime never makes it to the news publication outlets, so whatever you read add in another 20% .. Someone in local Government needs to be held accountable for this escalation in crime. Hard working folks are being deprived of personal property and is anyone securing our county ?

P. Freely