The truth is..
December 06, 2013 | 09:50 AM

To Keeping up the Bias: It is clear you are emotional for Mr. Kachmar and the city council. I can understand that. It's been rough times for the whole city. That said, please be cautious and careful not to make harmful and defamatory statements. You are completely incorrect. Not only did I not lie, Mr. Kachmar repeatedly quoted me as having said something that never crossed my lips, period. Council meetings are recorded and what I did or did not say is not in dispute whatsoever. I also presented proof publicly at the next council meeting that what I did say was in fact true and accurate when I said it, and sadly is still true and accurate to this day. It is also not in dispute that Mr. Kachmar endeavored upon these terrible actions on his own and without a single ounce of provocation. No one even saw him coming. We became aware of his presence when he was barging through the middle of our group cursing, calling me a liar and aggressively pointing his finger at me. He continued his rant non-stop as he walked out into the parking lot to his car. He had cursed, aggressed and said plenty by the time Mr. Bush interjected and conveyed that he understood now where some of the staff, who also acted very unprofessionally and aggressively inside city council chambers minutes earlier, "got their a-hole-ish management style". In essence, he characterized a pattern of unprofessional management behavior, he didn't "call Mr. Kachmar" a curse word. Regardless, Mr. Bush didn't start it by a long shot and every witness there will tell you that. Mr. Bush is a good and decent man of great character. I am grateful to him for stepping in and sticking up for me and trying to end Kachmar's tirade on me. You have no idea what happened that night. Just because the city council and Mr. Kachmar cooked up that story line that the situation was in some way a fabrication by "supporters of the Mayor..." doesn't make it true. The fact is, it was a mixed group of people that didn't all know each other and had no idea of each other's political preferences. If you want to unearth lies and cover ups, you don't have to look far, but you'll have to stop looking our way to see them. You would not want to be in our shoes. None of this is fun. It's terrible. Not just for us either. The whole community is affected by this in one way or another. Whatever your frustrations though, please check the facts and the record before attacking people. Mr. Hurd is a journalist that IS using the record, his own eye witness accounts, statements provided by parties involved and more to write his stories. Objectively speaking, the diligence he did for his story was far greater than the diligence you did before posting very false statements on this comment thread. We need to hold ourselves to the same standards we ask or demand of others.

Christine Johnson
Johns Creek