DJ noted in article recognized incorrectly
December 05, 2013 | 01:54 PM


Thank you so much for publishing this article as we were a part of the event! Were a local DJ company here in Roswell, Fonix Entertainment, that performs a lot of events including charities and were on the Roswell Wedding Council. I was the DJ that donated services to play music and host the event as requested by Atique. I noticed in your article it notates "DJ and models from the Titan Agency in Buckhead." The DJ, myself, and our company has no affiliation with them. We already got a call about this as it is confusing some local community members that know us well. Please adjust this article to notate With "a DJ from Fonix Entertainment in Roswell" and models....
Again thank you for posting this article and I just want to avoid any confusion. Feel free to contact me at 404-803-7731 to review or email me at your earliest convenience. For verification you can ask Atique or see our Facebook where we listed the event several times. Our website is Thank you!

Travis Gilbert