I-20 Traffic-
December 04, 2013 | 07:05 PM

There used to be a plan. It was called the outer-perimeter. Republicans took over the state of Georgia, killed the program and now you are suffering. I moved back to a place where responsible traffic plans were put into place long before the Republicans were allowed to take options away. I guess the northern counties will just have to suffer and get over it. Short of highway expansion as it should have been, it's too far gone to do anything about now. Further, I wouldn't spend one red penny of my tax dollars to support a plan to help, after the debacle of the past 10 years within this state. Short-sighted interest has grown into long term suffering. Elections have consequences. The consequence is now that the state missed the opportunity to grow commerce and continue job growth, even in the Depression cycle that occurred post 2007/2008. The arguments against a transportation corridor and continued marketability of Georgia was that the country folks wanted to keep their lifestyle. They didn't want roads, or taxes, or people. Then, they sold out to developers within a year of the election cycle- to their builder buddies. They sold every stitch of land along the proposed outer perimeter to upper-income home developers.

It's just too late to improve the area, it's too late to worry about and its extremely too expensive to spend money on. Maybe it's time to envision a new outer perimeter and move further north. Again.

Chuck Carlson