December 02, 2013 | 02:52 AM

Not to dispute Handyman, since he is speaking from such a depth of experience, but this woman's package--or its contents--was stolen not, as yours, "lost." As for myself I have never had a problem with the USPS and their rates are very reasonable. If Obamacare offers this level of service then I will be very pleased with the result. I should think that my experience is rather more typical of most people's with USPS. Handyman's reactionary, anti-government feelings aside, most Americans are very satisfied with government sponsored services, such as Medicare for example, which consistently out ranks private insurance companies in customer satisfaction. Also, Handyman is mixing his proverbial apples and oranges: UPS and FedEx operate low-volume, high-price (versus USPS) shipping companies; the USPS runs an entirely different type of service. And even given all that, I'm sure that they too have "lost" a package or two in their time.

Johns Creek