Residents of Johns Creek poorly served
November 21, 2013 | 06:40 PM

The residents of Johns Creek were poorly served by the lack of preparation and indecision of city council members. City council continues to allow developers to toy with residents by allowing last minute postponements and deferrals.

It is very clear in this case that the residents of Blackstone subdivision are being irreparably hurt by the elimination of buffer requirements along property lines. The residents of neighboring subdivisions along Bell Road are being hurt by the inclusion of far too many housing units along the south side of the property.

The developer already knew this prior to the council meeting but chose to not take corrective action. This zoning case should have been denied and not deferred to discourage developers from their efforts to overreach in the future.

Sadly, the residents of Blackstone and Bell Road will soon learn that city council is more interested in the good fortune of developers than in the good fortune of residents.

An observer
Johns Creek