November 15, 2013 | 12:49 PM

What's new? People will drive up westbound in the east bound lane on Sargent if no one lets them "cut in front of the line" at that merge, they will keep driving full speed ahead straddling the center line, then breifly driving up the wrong way in the east bound lane until they reach the left turn lane at Findley. TWICE I have narrowly missed being run off the road after these idiots got to Findley Rd. and realized they were out of pavement and had to stop their stupid and dangerous mission to conquer or get to the right before they starting mowing down cars head on. Of course, they refused to stop and wait for an opening. That would be conceding to the fact that they weren't entitled as superior beings to bully the rest of us off the road. They just cutover running me and another car into the curb the first time. The second time, it was just me. The first time, the unnerving creep ended up being my neighbor! I guess he thought he and his car was invisibile like wonder woman's plane instead of realizing it's more like a fish bowl. I can easily see one of "these" drivers pulling a gun on someone. They demand to get their way. They believe they deserve to do whatever they want. Sad. I hope the lady learned a lesson. You can't talk sense or consideration into remorseless sociopaths and you don't want to get shot trying.

Tode Usew