Mars--trouble reading too?
November 02, 2013 | 01:15 PM


Not once have I suggested that you cannot or should not express your views--NEVER. What I did say is that to resort to infantile name calling does not elevate the discussion.

I do wish that when people comment on serious issues they have more to offer than a school yard taunt: "A slime is a slime..." But, if that is all you can offer, maybe I should be more understanding :)

To be clear:

1. I have been huge Randall and Bev supporters in the past and throughout the years and I have not always agreed with the Mayor.

2. My personal experience with Randall beginning this summer has led to a huge disagreement between us. I am convinced now that the Randall led investigation is a politically motivated attack job using tens of thousands of tax payer dollars for an attempt at poltical gain (which I think is back firing).

3. I hope everyone in our city gets more involved and holds all our elected officials and city workers accountable for their words and deeds. I think people, in general, deserve the benefit of the doubt and that when there is criticism leveled against someone, I hope it is done in a civil and respectful manner.

4. I do prefer that people show the courage of their convictions by speaking out clearly and publicly; I am not a fan of those who choose to hide behind the bushes and lob insults--of course that is all some have to offer! And, it is clearly your, er, their right :)

Chris Cupit
Johns Creek