October 31, 2013 | 07:42 PM

Johns Creek Supporter,

As I read your post again, it seems as if you prove my point that the city retaliated.

You say, "Your distorted attack on John and Randall was just icing on the awful cake you have been serving. The invitees now declined to attend in mass. What good is throwing a party when no one wants to come."

You seem to have first hand knowledge and am I correct is summing up by saying that the party was in fact cancelled because many on staff were upset I called out Randall and asked for John's resignation?

That is exactly the point I have been making! Thank you :) If you can confirm this point that would be most appreciated in the future. Thank goodness IP addressess can't completely shield those "brave souls" who post comments anonymously :)

Chris Cupit
Johns Creek