Tell it like it REALLY was!
October 31, 2013 | 01:50 PM

OK Mr. Cupit lets get the story more truthful:
1) You contacted Mr. Kachmar for a special favor (Good Old Boys Club method) and John would have none of it as he is NOT THE TYPE OF INDIVIDUAL THE CURRENT MAYOR HAS BECOME. You were pissed!
2) Many more employees had already been declining to go to the holiday party at your facility because the FOOD QUALITY HAS BEEN GETTING WORSE AND WORSE AND YOUR WAIT STAFF HAS BECOME "LESS THAN GRACIOUS" AND YOUR FACILITY HAS BECOME MORE AND MORE RUN DOWN. Your distorted attack on John and Randall was just icing on the awful cake you have been serving. The invitees now declined to attend in mass. What good is throwing a party when no one wants to come.

Its time more people started to pay attention to the observations of the hard working city staff about their motivator and leader and less to the BS that comes from those who expect favors from the current Mayor!

Johns Creek Supporter
Johns Creek