Citizens' Rights
October 30, 2013 | 10:24 AM

Here is what we deserve in Johns Creek

1. Mayor and Council, your goal is the same, which is to make our city a great palce to live and raise a family.

2. You are are here to serve our best interests, not yours' or your buddies'.

3. On a conflict of interest, recuse yourself, plain and simple. 20 year relationship or not. Perception is reality for many, so just avoid them.

4. Council and Mayor, work together. You're not enemies, and you're not a dysfunctional HOA, so stop acting like it.

5. Do a more thorough job of vetting your employees. Kachmar should've never been hired, but Mayor and Council were very green and inexperienced. Kachmar should go because he isn't a good representative of the city.

6. CH2MHill needs to go. Hire your own employees and run your city like a business. Get someone strong to manage the city and move forward.

7. Focus on a plan to build a city center with a real City Hall. Put enough commercial around it to pay for it in 10 years or less. We'll benefit from looking like a real city, not some fly-by-night operation running out of leased office space.

8. Build some sidewalks. We have to be the least pedestrian-friendly city around. Charge developers higher impact fees and put them in a fund for sidewalks. They'll pay the higher fee without blinking an eye.

9. Find (smart) ways to build our commercial tax base. We cannot keep up with the needs of this city with an 80% residential tax base.

10. Lead by example. Don't act like politicians, which is what I see happening.

No More Politics
Johns Creek