October 29, 2013 | 11:20 AM

As long as comments like Mars' form the basis for discussion there is little hope for our city! I understand people vote for all sorts of reasons but the hyper-partisan rhetoric and attempts to vilify one's opponents means years more of dysfunction.

I have already heard some people ready to hurl accusations against Bev if she wins and that would be no better than what she tried and has done to Mike!

The reality is we live, do business and interact with one another in our small city. If every situation where a council member knew someone or patronized their business meant they must recuse themselves from a vote, you would never have a quorum!

Headlines aside, the report could not have been clearer that the 20 year family friend of Mike's, who did lend him the vacation house, in no way attempted to improperly influence the mayor or anyone else.

Years ago some people were upset that Randall Johnson would not recuse himself from the "light vote" surrounding Mt. Pisgah because he and his wife were members there and his wife was clearly supportive of the church's position.

Some were demanding he recuse himself from that! I sat right next to Stephanie (I doubt she would sit next to me now :( ) in support of the notion that Randall need not recuse himself.

Just because someone has a relationship or makes a phone call does not mean they are up to nefarious purposes!

I'm supporting those that seem to have a plan for the city and who have made concrete and tangible improvements for us. I am sick of the politcs of "gotcha" and the non stop "trolling" of every e-mail, phone call, hiccup or burp someone has made going back years and years!!! If that is your political strategy I promise it will create a never ending environment that will make Washington D.C. look civil.

Enough. Please inform yourself as much as possible, vote and then pay attention more frequently than simply during election cycles when the candidates propoganda starts flying!

PS Mars--If you can't contribute anything more than the rants of an eight year old, please vote and then go back to the kids' table.

Chris Cupit
Johns Creek