Wasn't trying to avoid anything
October 28, 2013 | 04:58 PM

I am not sure why people think I am such a Bodker supporter. I have made a single donation (early this year) and have had Mike at my club (in all these years) for a single round of golf (he and a buddy played) and a single Sunday Brunch.

I do like the Mayor but frankly I have allowed my club to be used for political fundraisers by Bev, Randall and Ivan just as I did for Mike. Also, John Kachmar, Buzz, Grant Hickey and numerous other city employees have enjoyed lunch or golf far more than Mike.

The slimy insinuation that "we must have done favors for one another" is just that--slimy. It is the same kind of garbage that pollutes the political discourse today--why can't someone actually care about their city with their motives being questioned?

Anyway, regarding Mike and the kid. It was a bad error in judgement. It occured 7 years ago so I question why it is an issue for Bev NOW? Before there was even a Johns Creek police dept. Mike asked a then Fulton County officer to intercede inappropriately in a bullying situation. Thankfully, the officer did not do what Mike asked. I know I have had numerous "bad ideas" in the heat of the moment and thankfully someone who had a m ore objective view was able to let me calm down and then properly changed my mind.

Even the investigator ackowledges that this was extemely early in the learning curve of the mayor and felt he should be cut some slack in this case.

To refer to council as "the enemy" is another thing that I am guessing he wishes he had not done. Again though, I am not sure that is such a big deal and I wonder how many of us would feel towards our "opponents" who are using tens of thousands of taxpayer dollars to attack us. I am guessing "enemy" may not be the worst term some of us would use! What is the worst thing some of us may have called our colleagues or even friends at times?

All of us make mistakes. I still think a far greater mistake, one of political cowardice that is also putting our city at risk for a potential lawsuit is the lack of demand by council or Bev to ask for John's resignation. In the big scheme of things that is far more serious.

Don't overlook anything. Read the entire report yourselves. Ask yourself why the report was timed the way it was and why a political investigation was used instead of a formal ethics investigation or actual criminal charges and then make as informed a decision as possible.

I want better from my entire government and happen to think that if Bev and the gang win, the chance to have real change in how our city functions will be lost for years.

I also have been extremely disapointed by Randall Johnson and his actions for months now. And I have known Dr. zaprowski since high School--Lenny is a great person and will make a terrific Councilman!

Chris Cupit
Johns Creek