When will we learn
October 27, 2013 | 12:26 PM

A little more about our esteemed City Manager:

At least someone asked the same questions our council should be now!

"Newton said last week the council would use the closed-door session to discuss discipline for Kachmar's violation of the county vehicle policy.'

Beaufort County Courthouse records also show that federal and state officials have filed tax liens against Kachmar for failure to pay taxes owed. '

Kachmar said the tax liens were "a personal matter" when asked about them last week. '

"Kachmar has lost his accountability and can no longer be an effective leader," said Joni Dimond of Hilton Head Island. "One must lead by example."'

Clarence Washington of Beaufort said news of the violations led him to question the day-to-day operations of county government.'

"If his actions are not grounds for termination, would you please tell the citizens of Beaufort County what is?" Washington asked council members.'

Belle White of Beaufort said she believes morale among the county's 1,000 employees is at an all-time low.'

"The most disturbing fact of all is that some of you are willing to protect him," White said to the council.'


Chris Cupit
Johns Creek