October 27, 2013 | 11:13 AM

Yes Mars, Mike reccomended him to the council. I spoke to Liz and Bev this week and they acknowledge that they all knew of his background and despite it, they went along with the reccomendation.

Today Mike says it was his biggest mistake and along with Kelly Stewart he is asking for his resignation! John Kachmar was given a second chance most of us could only dream about and his RECENT actions--using vulgar langauge at a meeting of City Managers and being called out for it by a colleague (Alpharetta City Manager Bob Regus), using vulgar langauge with me that I reported to Randall Johnson this summer and of course hie most recent assault allegations after the October 7th meeting.

Why aren't Bev, Randall, Karen, Ivan and Brad demanding the same!?!? Why are they protecting him? THAT is the real story!

Chris Cupit
Johns Creek