Couldn't Agree More
October 26, 2013 | 07:59 PM

Tommy, I couldn't agree more with your comment. When I read the letter, which came only 2 days after the report was "officially" released, my stomach turned. She either had the information way before the rest of the public had it, or she works very quickly. Let's pull her phone records to see how many calls were made between her and Randall Johnson and Karen Richardson. We might have been dumb enough to vote for her and her puppets the first time around, but based on the comments I've read, we're quite a bit smarter this time.

I don't know Bev Miller personally, but my wife has known her for a long time with PTA functions. Being a PR professional, you think she would have more class. I'm most disgusted that she and this City Council have worked so hard to trash all of the hard work Mayor Bodker has devoted to our community, and at our expense. It's almost like we've contributed and that makes me damn mad.

This entire fiasco brings back memories of my days living in south Louisiana where nothing was lower than the campaigns of the politicians. Attorney Wilson was investigating the wrong people. November 5th can't come too soon for me.

Johns Creek