Total lie about Bodker supporters putting fliers out
October 26, 2013 | 06:05 PM

Didn't a 17 year old confess to the fliers and poor Reincke went straight to everyone, including authorities on Wednesday night after the forum to make clear it wasn't her? Yet, Richardson and her council cronies still proceeed 24 hours later with robo calls trying to alarm the community and social media blitzes spreading misinformation about bald men and blaming Reincke? I have spoken to a dozen people that were at the forum and NOT ONE saw any such flier on their car,nor did I. Why did only the council members and Reincke end up with them? Why hasn't the Richardson camp publicly released the information that a middle aged bald man didn't have a single thing to do with it if it was in fact a 17 year old boy? Oddly, a middle aged bald man has stood up in front of council during public comment and let them know he doesn't like what they are doing. Once again, exercise your first amendment rights in Johns Creek, and goodness knows what random things are in store for you. I have my doubts about this happening at all now that more facts are becoming known. It's strange to me that on the very night Riencke publicly outshines Richardson, this happens.

Jane Duncan
Johns Creek