Whoaaa Wait Now
October 26, 2013 | 05:39 PM

What is a vendor doing paying for a city party? I thought there were strict laws concerning vendor gifts for city officials. Does this 5k fall within the legal guidelines? So the cancer spreads. As if Kachmar, Taylor and council weren't allegedly dealing out retribution in epic levels by themselves, now vendors of the city are being dragged into the mess? They are all out of their minds. CH2M Hill may talk to their former employee, John Kachmar on a regular, but WE fund the fees paid to them. Great. Another possibly improper relationship to deal with! Think of the absurdity. We actually voted into office people that would turn the entirety of the citys' resources against citizens if it was to their personal benefit. Outrageous. This has to stop. Please, everyone get out and vote no matter what it takes.

Fred Baker