This whole thing
October 26, 2013 | 11:16 AM

I believe that some of the charges have been posted on various websites. The council is STILL WAITING for records from Mr. Bodker. Until these records are received, there can be no reporting of the other charges against him. Simple as that!

Then we have the current incident at the H.S. with pro Bodker supporters leaving slanderous flyers on cars in the parking lot.

Seems to me that the mayor wants to be King of Johns Creek forever. This isn't going to happen. He has been in office, uncontested, for 8 years. Time for a change and QUICK. Bodker thought that he would have complete power over Johns Creek matters. When that power was taken away from him, he was upset, to say the least. His bubble burst! However, he still continued to pretend he had all the power and that is what got him into trouble.

I will be voting for Bev Miller, as most of my neighbors are going to do.
She is without controversy. She is capable and very amicable.