October 25, 2013 | 11:52 PM

As a 20 year resident of what is now Johns Creek, it is with disappointment and disgust that I have watched this debacle unfold these last few months.
While I only know what has been printed, my impression of the comments and conduct by the four council members who initiated the investigation of Mayor, Mike Bodker is that none of them should continue in their present positions.
While they (the four council members) say this investigation wasn't politically motivated, it appears that that's exactly what it is.
The last seven years have brought wonderful dramatic changes to what is now Johns Creek, and that has all been tarnished with this controversy. This is what residents or constituents will remember and what potential residents and possibly businesses looking to become a part of Johns Creek will see rather than the vital community we are.
This continues to be ridiculous, and we as citizens need to send the message now that we won't continue to tolerate it. This is our city, and it's clear that things need to change and we are the ones who need to change it at the polls.

Julie Ray
Johns Creek