October 25, 2013 | 05:54 PM

I did want to point out that I have offered to return $4500 of the $5000 to the city.

We do ask for a $500 non refundable deposit but our deposit works this way:

If I can re-book the December 14th date I will return the final $500. If I can't re-book that $500 deposit the city would have one full year--until Dec. 14, 2014 to re-book another event at my club (dinner, luncheon, breakfast...) and they could apply all of the $500 towards that event.

My family business has always offered that to our events and despite the city's actions, we are not going to change how we do business. I e-mailed Wayne Wright on 10-24 letting him know this and I am bringing him the check for $4500 this upcoming Wednesday.

Chris Cupit
Johns Creek