minor correction
October 25, 2013 | 05:27 PM

Thank you for the report. One slight correction is that the server was not a teenager--her misdemeaner mistake was within five years of her applying for a permit. But she had recently applied for and received her permit from Roswell and I was confused as to why Rosawell gave her a permit and Johns Creek would not--that was the reason for my original call to the city.

I know the city is now saying that they were looking for sights on Oct. 17th before I spoke on the 21st. Well, on the 16th I sent an e-mail to Randall Johnson and the entire city council relaying my bad experience with John and my frustration that the council had not acted on John's Oct. 7th behavour. I made it clear I would be speaking out on the 21st.

The city claims that no staff was made aware of this letter. If that is true Rosemary Taylor's langauge that they looked for alternative venues because employees were "uncomfortable" coming to my club (after five straight years) seems odd. Uncomfortable why? If it truly was about wanting a different place, why use the word "uncomfortable"?

Here is my opinion:

After months of working out the details of this year's party (confirmed dates in July, met with staff and party vendors and did walk throughs with staff and the band and others, received partial payment and a deposit on Sept. 9th) we were all set and ready to host the event.

I alert the council to my planned comments on the 16th and someone alerts staff that I may be speaking out against their boss.

They start calling the next day in case I actually do speak out and the next business day we are open after I speak out, the city calls to cancel!

I will leave it to you to etermine who is telling the truth!

Chris Cupit
Johns Creek