October 23, 2013 | 04:49 PM

Uh, the Mayor knew all too well what the investigation was about because the investigator questioned him on those issues in the report. If he has nothing to hide, as he ahs claim numerous times, then he should release his records.

He has become very politically savvy under the guidance of Burkhalter. He is using his attorney to stonewall the investigation by not providing the information requested, even after he said he would (read the report). He knows that he wins if he can make the Council spend more money on this.

Come on people, let's not be a bunch of lemmings. Do you want a Mayor is is stupid enough to have a policeman go scare a elementary school aged child (in the report, he confirmed he did this)? I certainly don't want someone that has such bad judgement representing my city.

JC Resident
Johns Creek