MARTA expansion to N. Fulton
October 19, 2013 | 12:57 PM

At this time I do not support rail expansion North of the river. One reason is there is not adequate public transportation available in these more suburban areas to transport riders to other respective areas away from the stations and very few areas provide adequate pedestrian access to business and shopping areas other than those such as the Northpoint Mall area. There area plenty of Malls on the way out or in toward town that the rail lines stop at such as Perimeter, Lenox and Phipps. I feel that rail lines work better closer toward town. I watched Dunwoody Mall and the surrounding Dunwoody area lose much of its "personality" after the Marta line came in. Yes it was good for the commercial business and office industry in that area and created more growth in those areas but took away from the quiet residential aspect of the area. Also crime initially increased in the Mall area, but much of that has improved over time. Roswell and Alpharetta are known for their beauty, parks, history and family/residential appeal. I fear this will be greatly diminished with a rail line. Instead expand or improve accessibility to park and ride bus centers and have bus express lanes going down GA 400 to the other Marta rail lines that already exist.