Cover All Bases--its a GRAND SLAM
October 17, 2013 | 05:14 PM

John Kachmar has a history that is only being brought up now because of HIS ACTIONS directed towards citizens he is supposed to serve. You say he is HONEST? Here is a link to a federal lawsuit filed against him at his old job--PLEASE READ IT! SYnopsis is that a city whistleblower was fired by him in retaliation because Kachmar was covering for the CEO of a company that did business with the city. The employee thought he could save that city $500,000 and Kachmar prevented that info from getting to City Council specifically because he wanted to emberass the council. Sounds like Kachmar has some honesty issues in dealing with councils--that is relavent.

Here is the link:

Other issues which are not in dispute from the JK file/career:

1. Kachmar was caught speeding and driving a city vehicle on a suspended license. When that issue was brought up, John called it a "witch hunt" and a "politically driven issue"???? Does this man EVER take responsibility for his actions--he is always blaming others for HIS actions!!
2. Kachmar was prosecuted for assaulting a 14 year old boy while he was city manager back in 2000. The facts were not disputed--he grabbed a boy and told him to shut up at a movie theatre. Judge acquited Kachmar not because of any reason other than they felt there was no ill intent and the child was not harmed. Judge would not allow prosecution pictures of the red marks on the child's neck introduced as evidence so JK got off perhaps on a technicality.

3. John Kachmar had liens from unpaid Income Txes--how honest is that?

4. Previous planning commission employee resigned over his bullying tactics.

5. John directs language such as "p***y", "c**k s****r", "a**h**e" and "you are goinjg to enjoy getting bu** f****d" and allegedly pokes the citizen in the chest at the same time. This after he follows a female citizen out the door to confront her and call her a liar. John of course blames this on Bodker and says this is "politics"!!

6. John served his country proudly and well half a century or so ago and that is to be commended. BUT his behaviour and career as a city manager is relevant and it is full of ethical, legal and integrity issues. John also has a bad habit of blaming others for his actions--that is not honest leadership. Leadership takes responsibility for actions--John seems unable to do that.

If issues arise re: Ms. Stewart there is a process to vote her out of office--same with the Mayor. BUT, to defend the indefensable, which right now is John Kachmar--that will be the legacy of Randall, Ivan, Karen and Bev :( Worst of all, it looks like they are more concerned about their short term political gain than anything else--they are lining up behind John because, like them, he hates the Mayor.

That is not a good reason to support this disgrace of a City Manager.

Grand Slam