Mars and Cover ALL Bases
October 17, 2013 | 03:24 PM

Why don't you get it? Kachmar already PARTIALLY admitted the truth of his actions. His accusers have been straight forward and used the legal and rightful city ethics violations processes in response to his horrific behavior. This isn't about Bodker. Maybe everyone wouldn't be so opposed to the investigation into the Mayor if it had been pursued in the same official and rightful way these victims of Kachmars addressed his attack. If the case against the Mayor is so strong and there is so much evidence, you don't need to sell it and team Kachmar doesn't need to blame a separate incident on the Mayor in order to bolster support. You all make yourselves look weak and immoral in the way manage situations. I'm sure Randall would waste no time in throwing up noise if the Mayor had said 1/10th of what Kachmar did. Since these people may be supporters of the Mayor though, team Kachmar is saying they deserved it? What is that? Everyone that approved their name on the public blackmail letter yesterday should be thrown out on their b-hind.

Ethics Champ