Handel/Price Great Leaders for US
October 17, 2013 | 08:50 AM

Read the news-Obamacare is hurting everyone! My insurance went from $388/mo to $997/mo! No tax breaks. My family of 4 can't afford this. What will we do? Handel/Price understand this and know this is happening to ALL Americans that have worked hard their entire lives. This "spread the wealth" around; to take from the people who have worked hard and give it to the people who have NOT is WRONG. I give to charity if I choose. The US government should NOT force me to do so. Obama has had 3 years and hundreds of millions of dollars to set up the healthcare website. It's failed. You can't logon. It's down for maintenance. You can't call and speak to someone. And now we know ACORN (community organizers for Democrats) are the ones that are manning the phones. They are trying to register you (if you can get through) and set you up as a Democrat. This is wrong. Democrats want to spend, spend, spend, tax & tax. Our debt is almost 17 trillion. Obama has spend more in 6 years than ALL OTHER PREVIOUS PRESIDENTS COMBINED! When will we pay off our debts? More importantly, why won't Obama & Democrats pass a budget? They continually want to raise our debt ceiling. If you make $30,000/yr, would you spend $60,000, every year? Of course not! So, why would Obama want to put the US in that much debt? He has no plan to ever cut spending or pay our debt that he personally has run up. This makes the US weak, our economy weak. We keep borrowing from China, they own us--do you get that? Stop the spending, decrease the size of the government and get out of our way. We, the people need to be free of big spending wasteful government!

Joan Smith