Mars doesn't belong on earth
October 15, 2013 | 10:52 PM

Funny. The council led by Kachmar has to "try" to find things on Bidker while wasting the taxpayers money and doesn't get any due process on someone who doesn't have ANY history and kachmar gets his allegation "swept" under the rug, gets what the council defines as "due process", spends over 4 months and more than $50,000 and the blame is placed on Bodker supporters? Since when did the people who believe in the person who has done an outstanding job in this city become responsible for the inexcusable language out of Kachmars mouth?

Take ownership for your potty mouth and your past and move on Kachmar.

As for Johnson, the only thing I saw swept under a rug was Aladdin since we are talking about childish performances.

Early voting already started and we need to seriously take into consideration who we are electing to run Johns Creek.

Johns Creek