Earth to Mars
October 15, 2013 | 06:44 PM


Wow, are you in deep!

John Kachmar is currently accused of assaulting a citizen after a council meeting. He has denied nothing in the police report that I know of. Facts are that after the meeting he approached and initiated the argument with the woman who spoke that night, calling her a liar. He then argues with a man defending her calling him a p**sy, c**k sucker and a****le. He then says "do you know who you are f***ing with, you are going to enjoy getting b*t f***ed."

The one begging to deflect attention away from his ACTIONS is Mr. Kachmar who somehow beleives Mike Bodker is responsible for his words and actions!

Some background on John Kachmar--in 2000 he faced a TRIAL for assaulting a 14 year old boy while city manager in Beaufort, SC. No one disputes he grabbed the boy by the neck, leaving visbile marks and told him to shut up. (This was over a dispute at a movie theatre-while watching Battlefield Earth--shouldn't watching that movie alone be a crime)!!

Anyway, he has a female planning commission member resign over his bullying tactics in 2000. He is convicted of speeding and driving a city vehicle on a suspended license as well as not paying his income taxes. Council in SC also complains that he withheld info from them and ultimately they vote 11-0 to lket him "resign" in disgrace.

But, yes, it is all about the Mayor :)

Randall, the "lap dog" Johnson said he could not "sweep under the rug" RUMORS of ethical lapses by the Mayor. So Randall, I have four ethics violations myslef, Johnson leads the charge for his gal Bev against the mayor months before the election.

Now Randall is in a pickle. He, Bev and John all hate Mike. Whayt to do? I guess, sweep under the rug John's UNDISPUTED ACTIONS AND RECORD and convicne everyone that everything is the Mayor's fault. Funny, I though everything was George Bush's fault!

Oh well, keep telling yourself that there is nothing to see here--just ignore our little hypocracy.

Earth to Mars!
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