Family first
October 11, 2013 | 12:05 PM

There is a lot of debate here and do not like to get involved but, as a mom in this city I feel I must stand for what is right. I am in support of family values. I know many mothers who have had unfaithful husbands in the community and it is my belief that these men are a disgrace to not only our city, but to family tradition as a whole. That being said, when I attended the Fall Festival I witnessed something extremely unsettling. I have no confirmation that the woman with him was his girlfriend or mistress or whatever other rumors are going around. However, I did witness behavior between him and the woman he was with that was highly inappropriate. If I ever saw my husband behave the way Bodker did with this woman you bet your bottom dollar I would be humiliated and ashamed. I do not believe it is right to elect a man to office that treats his wife and family with such disrespect. As for the comment claiming he introduced her as his "significant other", I have no proof. But I definitely would not be surprised if it was true. I also wouldn't be surprised if those apartments were being used as nothing more than a cheap hotel room for his nighttime activities with this woman. I am not one for politics, but if we elect this man then we are sending a message to all of the men in our community that they may treat their families with disregard and bring young women to whom they are not married as dates to public family events. It makes me sick to even fathom that he is even a possibility as a winning candidate. I hope that you all see through the mask of a politician who is nothing more than a flirt and a disgrace to our city. Let's re-elect Clinton while we're at it.

JC mom
Johns Creek