Blame Obama, not the GOP
October 10, 2013 | 10:05 PM

Saul Alinsky, Jim Carney, and Barack Hussein Obama should all be proud of Hatcher Hurd's simple and factually inaccurate assessment of the government shutdown tainted with the ever present blame and name calling. In fact, the only portions of government shutdown have proven to those selected by the administration, those which honor our military servicemen and women, and sources of recreation for the people, while Mr. Obama's private golf course and playgrounds remain open. 83% of government functions are operational and the wailing and gnashing of teeth by liberals is astounding as they drag their feet to pay death benefits to the family's of soldiers killed in action for political posturing. Just disgraceful, as just about every aspect of this excuse for an administration devoid of experience and the intellect that the mainstream media forced into our collective consciousness.

The government is taking in in more than enough revenue to service the national debt without a default and the blame lies equally on the Obama administration's quintupling the national debt, forcing a new department of motor vehicles and post office on us in the name of Obamacare. Consider the post office as well, inefficient, unaccountable, and easily replaced by Fedex or UPS. And while the Republican party has become Democrat "Lite" placing the blame on the GOP and excoriating the Tea Party for standing up for the values that this country was founded on and not the socialist chasm that we have become without substantiation is typical liberal name calling when facts do not meet their objectives. Sadly, the low information and entitlement class has the same vote as those paying the freight.

Worst President Ever
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