To:Mars, Marsha t, anybody negative on all the social media
October 06, 2013 | 09:53 PM

So, to mars, Marsha t, and all those being negative about Bodker:

Show me all your records, texts, emails, mortgages, leases, agreements, conversations, let me interview all those who know or have done business with you.

Let me search your house without knowing what I'm looking for and then "TRY" to find something.

Like Kelly said, let him who is without sin cast the first stone. What you and the council are doing and trying to manipulate the people of Johns Creek's mind is wrong.

Justice will see the other side and may Mayor Bodker continue the positive things of Johns Creek. If the council thought he was so crooked, dishonest and deceitful, why did they work with him to create the city and want to serve the people, only to become a jealous council and waste taxpayers money on Bev Millers campaign investigation?

The ones corrupt are the ones whose signs you see illegally placed, the ones who can't and won't speak the truth, and the ones who are truly the criminals - the city manager, the council and Bev Miller. Voice your concern johns creek and vote November 5 to change Johns creek for the better.

Serious voter
Johns Creek