Re: I am a Bev Miller Fan
September 29, 2013 | 07:19 PM

To the "I am a Bev Miller fan." Why don't you look into how Bodker has worked with every other mayor in north fulton, the state of Georgia and all over the United States and wonder how he developed those working and professional relationships and then ask those people about Bev Miller. She has pissed off more neighboring cities and created more strife than spent building up and working with others. Bodker has worked relentlessly to work with and accomplish resolutions and solutions while the council destroys and picks fights with the neighboring cities. You can't elect someone who doesn't work outside her little circle of evil council. You have to know how to work with everyone and just because Bodker and the council don't get along doesn't mean he is the problem. Look at their responses and how mature they have acted in all this drama. Bodker has worked hard and will continue to work with and fight for greater improvements for the people of johns creek - not for himself like the council selfishly do.

Concerned voter
Johns creek