Subpoena proven to be based on lies...
September 25, 2013 | 10:55 AM

It's the City Council's job to state the exact nature of the charges/allegations against the Mayor. Since when is it the defendants job to identify and evangelize the allegations against them? It's the City's job to make a formal request through the attorney for specific documents. It's not the defendants job to "know" what they are looking for and run around gathering it up proactively so the City doesn't have to request it. It's the council's duty to communicate openly and honestly with the taxpayers who are funding this madness. Lying in front of news cameras and the public about the Mayor not cooperating to get a subpoena is unethical, outrageous and an ethics violation of a very serious nature in my opinion. Most courts use 30 days a minimum for producing documents/records but our City council is screaming "lack of cooperation" and issuing a subpoena after 15/16 days? Millerites... be careful thinking any means is worth the end you want because it won't be the day you find yourself on the other side.

Johns Creek