I don't think "during official proceedings"
September 25, 2013 | 09:46 AM

has any direct impact or bearing ultimately as to whether the info on cell phones is public information or not. I haven't heard the Mayor object to providing that kind of relevant info. I've heard him to say, tell me what you are investigating and I'll give you any records that are relevant to that, but I'm not giving seven years of person/private communications with family, friends, business associates, etc. What he's offering is really all they are legally entitled to and need in the first place. I think they may have asked for a ridiculous cache of documents knowing that he, like everyone else on the planet, would be offended and push back on the outrageous request. Seems they planned to take advantage of that as "uncooperative" and "hiding something" from the beginning. Just my thougts after seeing this thing roll along. If I recall accurately, there are professional PR folks and spinmeisters on the council side of this. They know how to strategize, spin and leverage media to their advantage. It's how they make a living. That's why we have to be critical and independent thinkers. Too many in politics assume us to mindless, easily led sheep.