What is the Charge?
September 22, 2013 | 12:36 PM

What is the law on a subpoena for personal info without being charged with a crime? Does Bodker have to comply if he has yet to be charged with anything? In fact, why would anyone not charged with a crime agree to participate in a witch hunt? Is that a violation of the 5th Amendment to the Constitution? I do not know but I am sure his lawyers will make sure Bodker has all the rights afforded him. And I would encourage that practice.

(not knowing the law myself) I tend to agree with Bodker's lawyer that you shouldn't make wide requests for personal documents without specific charges. I mean. If that is the argument why not randomly subpoena everyone's personal records and search for crimes? Isn't that the best way to figure out who's a criminal and who is not? But the question is what are his Constitutional rights afforded to Bodker.

Charge him with a crime? Otherwise this is just seems like an election year fishing trip.

Concerned JC CItizen
Johns Creek