To: Timing
September 21, 2013 | 11:19 AM

The question as to whether the madness and dysfunction will go away after the election is actually dependent on the Council Member races. Right now there is a five member coalition in the council that really has control over everything with their majority in voting matters. Two of them are up for re-election and are being contested. Randall Johnson will have one opponent. Karen Richardson will have two. Bev Miller's post is also open now. That will have to be filled in a special election next year though. As you've probably heard, she elected to qualify for the Mayoral race while still in her council seat. The benefit to her in doing this is that if she loses her bid for Mayor, she can run for her council seat back in the special election. This clearly benefits her, but is a big fleecing of the taxpayers. We will now pay 200K for a special election to fill one council post. Had she resigned her council seat before qualifying, her council seat would have been filled in the Nov general election at no additional cost to all of us but she knew that meant she would be out all together if she didn't prevail against Bodker. Bottom line, the taxpayer bill for just her is 200k. If you are one that believes the "investigation" is a political manuever to aid her campaign, then the price tag is much higher already.

Essentially, who is elected/re-elected to the council posts will have the greatest impact on whether Johns Creek will have a focused, productive and citizen/community focused Council. The Mayor is only one vote. The three council posts are where the power balance will shift or go back to status quo.

As far as the Mayoral election, folks will have to decide which candidate has the best track record, qualifications, and can lead the council in a productive and appropriate way while cultivating GOOD relationships with our neighbors in Alpharetta, Roswell, Milton, Duluth, Forsyth, etc. The ability to work with other cities effectively is very important. We are not an island.

For me, it's not a hard decision at this point. It might have been had this investigation business not started. I'm not big a believer in coincidences or innocent scandals of political convenience and benefit. I believe someone has led our council astray and we're seeing a lot embarrassing, questionable and costly actions coming as a result of it.

Johns Creek