To JC Homeowner
September 19, 2013 | 10:51 AM

Clearly you are biased with an anti Bodker agenda. My post had nothing to do with the Mayor's guilt or innocence. My issues are purely with the council and how/what they have done here. The council has yet to disclose to anyone what they are investigating. I would have no way whatsoever to form an opinion on guilt. You are right though... with the way shady and secretive way the council is going about this, one would have to be psychic if they claim to know anything of the details of what the is being looked into. So are you psychic since you infer to be in the "know" or on the inside? Seems like a general fishing expedition so far. And what does Richardson being the ONLY nominee have to do with anything? One of her cronies nominates her, they all go along, there you have it. Did you think they would nominate Stewart? LOL.

JC Citizen
Johns Creek